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ARI 2020 Applications

Applications to participate in next year's ARI are due October 16, 2019.

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ARI Spring Retreat

April 22-25 2020

Graylyn International Conference Center

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

ARI/SRI/T32 Reception at AAGP Annual Meeting


Webinar Series

Succeeding in Mental Health & Aging Research

Date: October, 15 2019

Time: 3:00 pm ET

Presenter: Paul Barr, Phd, Msc  
Assistant Professor at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Topic: Getting Research Project Buy-In from Stakeholders Who Aren't Researchers

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Password: geriatric

Recorded Webinars

9/17/19 Martha Bruce, PhD, MPH
Developing a mentoring plan: Establishing Expectations for Mentors and Mentees 

5/21/19 Mark Oldham, MD
Submitting a K Award: Lessons for Applicants and Mentors

2/19/19 Jennifer A. Haythornthwaite, PhD
Building your Personal Work/Life Mission Part II
     Powerpoint Slides

1/15/19 Jennifer A. Haythornthwaite, PhD
Building your Personal Work/Life Mission Part I
     Powerpoint Slides

11/20/18 Charles F. Reynolds III, M.D.
Authorship, strategy for publishing manuscripts and selecting journals: Perspectives from an Editor-in-Chief

10/6/18 - Dimitris Kiosses, PhD and Patrick Raue, PhD
Engagement of Targets from Neural Systems to Peers and Volunteers 

9/18/18 - Martha Bruce, PhD, MPH
Mentoring: Principles and Practices for Mentees and Mentors

8/21/18 - Kim Van Orden, PhD
Participant safety in studies with high-risk populations: Balancing autonomy and safety

7/17/18 - Gretchen Brenes, PhD
Balancing Scientific Service and Research 

3/27/18 - Stephen Bartels, MD, MS
Responding to Grant Reviews

2/20/18 - Daniel Jimenez, PhD
Conducting Intervention Research with Racial/Ethnic Minority Older Adults

2/13/18 - Julie Dumas, PhD
Practical Guidelines for Running Successful Imaging Studies in Older Adults   

1/16/18 - Martha Bruce, PhD, MPH
NIH Career Development Awards (the K-series): For Applicants and Mentors

12/19/17 - Namkee Choi, PhD
Partnering with community organizations

      PowerPoint Slides

11/21/17 - Lori Jervis, PhD
Qualitative Methods for Quantitative Researchers
     PowerPoint Slides

10/31/17 - George Niederehe, PhD & Jovier Evans, PhD
NIMH Update on Clinical Trials and Other Changes in Grants Application Procedures and Policies
     PowerPoint Slides

09/19/17 - Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc
Principles and practice of negotiation in academic medicine: How to do what you want and get paid for it 

06/20/17 - Ellen Detlefsen, DLS
Publishing in e-publications and open access journals

05/16/17 - Briana Mezuk, PhD
Interdisciplinary science in mental health research: Challenges and opportunities

04/18/17 - Lisa Barry, PhD
Incorporating measures from the PhenX toolkit into grant applications

03/21/17 - Barry Lebowitz, PhD
Letters of recommendation - Much more important than you might think 

02/14/17 - Michelle Mielke, PhD
Writing Biomarker-Related Grants 

03/15/16 - Martha Bruce, PhD
Beyond Aims and 12 Pages - The extra nitty-gritty of NIH grant applications
     Grant Preparation Template
     Budget Five Year Template

4/7/17 - Joseph Gallo, MD, MPH
Responding to a Grant Review 

ARI Director

Martha L. Bruce, PhD, MPH
Dartmouth Medical School 

ARI Program Manager

Renee Pepin, PhD
Dartmouth Medical School

Steering Committee

Stephen J. Bartels, MD, MS
Dartmouth Medical School

Jeffrey Lyness, MD
University of Rochester 

Yvette Sheline, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Jo Anne Sirey, PhD
Weill Cornell Medical College

Gwenn Smith, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

(ARI 2019 at Graylyn International Conference Center, Winston-Salem NC)

Welcome to the Advanced Research Institute in Geriatric Mental Health (ARI) website, a resource for the sharing of information and resources for  ARI applicants and for both current and past ARI Scholars.

ARI is a national mentoring program designed to help new investigators achieve their first R01 funding and assume the responsibilities of independent scientists. The program seeks to increase the number of independent investigators conducting translational, interventions and services research in geriatric mental health.  These aims contribute to ARI’s overarching mission to reduce the burden of mental disorders in late life.  ARI is supported by a grant to Dartmouth College from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH; R25 MH068502; PI: Martha L. Bruce).

Please examine the ARI Overview, FAQs, Calendar and Application sections of this site for more information.

You can access ARI program information from anywhere on the website from the "Advanced Research Institute" drop down menu at the top of the page.

Current Scholars:

Keep up to date with the ARI Calendar.

Don't forget that you are expected to convene at least one “virtual” meeting (webinar) of mentors and consultants. These webinars are best timed if you have made substantial revisions to your grant application, identified significant questions needing the input of different experts, or have received pink sheets following an NIH review. Please work with your ARI mentor to decide when a webinar would be most useful, and contact for scheduling and logistics.