What are the areas of ongoing research for the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship?

Dartmouth College

  • Serious mental illness in older adults
  • Public sector mental health
  • Mental health care in primary care settings
  • Healthcare and health behavior change for older adults with mental disorders
  • Administrative claims and health policy

Cornell University

  • Unmet mental health care needs of persons receiving home care
  • Homedelivered meal clients and other homebound adults
  • Depression care management in primary care and rehabilitation settings
  • Health and mental health needs of adult home (board and care) residents
  • Community-based partnerships

University of Washington

  • Treatment of late-life depression in primary care settings
  • Depression and comorbid medical disorders/persistent pain
  • Mental health services in nursing homes
  • Dementia in primary care
  • Depression and cardiovascular disease
  • Managed care
  • Quality of life
  • End of life care

University of Michigan

  • Aging mental health services
  • Comorbid mental illness and substance abuse
  • Behavioral interventions in healthcare settings
  • Alcohol screening and diagnosis for older adults
  • Use of healthcare claims data to inform policy

For more information, visit our downloadable T32 Program Overview.

What kinds of activities occur during the two years of the fellowship?

Participating with expert faculty in ongoing research, presenting at local and national seminars, attending research presentations and conferences with other fellows, and developing your own research projects and grants with the help of faculty mentors.

How have fellows benefitted from this program in the past?

In the first four years of the program: Fellows have published over 50 abstracts, book chapters, and articles, including 31 peer-reviewed journal articles (18 as first author); Over half (58%) have achieved competitive federal, foundation, or university research funding; and over 80% of graduates have successfully obtained academic positions.

Who should I contact for more information about the T32 and its participating sites?