About Us

MentalHealthTrainingNetwork.org was established by a group of researchers at the Weill Cornell Medical College in order to provide career development resources for researchers and training for care providers working with elderly populations suffering from mental health issues. This site is subdivided between resources for researchers seeking to improve their skills and further their careers and resources for care providers in the community

The programs described on the Research Institutes & Training side of this site seek to improve the quality and quantity of independent investigators conducting interventions and services research in geriatric mental health. These are NIMH-funded mentorship programs, the Services Research Training Collaboration (ST32), the Summer Research Institute (SRI) and the Advanced Research Institute (ARI). Dr. Martha Bruce, PhD, MPH, Professor of Sociology in Psychiatry at the Weill Cornell Medical College, serves as the PI on all of these programs.

Through the Depression CAREPATH section of this site, we also seek to train and mobilize community care providers in the assessment, monitoring, and case coordination of older adult clients at risk for major depression and other psychological issues. We offer consultation to individual agencies and organizations looking to implement evidence-based practice guidelines in the management of geriatric depression.

Each of the site’s subgroups are supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (PI: Martha L. Bruce).


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